Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The List

So my therapist gave me a list of words to reflect on. I am just now looking at this list one hour before my appt! I am supposed to ponder them and write down what comes to mind... I am specifically going to try to correlate them to my fertility challenges.

Hope...I need to maintain hope that this next cycle will work and I can get off the roller coaster.

Love...I need to remember that for my future for my for my the reason that I want to be a mom in the first place and not get so caught up in winning.

Forgiveness...I need to forgive my body for not cooperating. Forgive my husband's body for not cooperating.

Action...I need to recognize that I am taking the best action I can take by going to CCRM.

Direction...I need maintain direction in this process so as not to dwell on the whatifs.

Power...I need to recognize that I have the power to not let my mind go to the worst possible scenario.

Spirit...I need to not let this proces crush my spirit and that I am so much more than someone who wants to be a mom.

Earth...I need to realize that leaving behind descendants is not the only mark I will make on the earth.

Connection...I need to maintain a connection to my friends, even though, I am jealous and envious of the fact that they are moms and I am not.

Time...I need to not spend so much of my time dwelling, researching and talking about infertility and take more time to enjoy life.

Health...I need to be as healthy as possible for this next cycle so as to give myself the best chance.

Relationship...I need to nurture my relationship with my husband inspite of the hurdles we have jumped over and will continue to jump over thru this process.

Friend...I need to be a better friend by trusting my friends with my feelings instead of acting like everything is fine.

Community...I need to make more of an effort to make more friends in Scottsdale by getting more involved with community stuff.

Quality...I need to be cognizant of the quality of everything I do...from work, to interactions with others, to managing money, etc. and not let everything suffer because I am so obsessed with infertility.

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